Durable, Commercial Concrete Coatings – Aces Tavern

Commercial restroom flooring represents one of the most demanding applications for concrete floor coatings. Systems must be completely impermeable with high abrasion, chemical and stain resistance qualities.

SPARTACOTE is pleased to provide a number of floor coating systems that are suitable for restroom flooring. Commonly specified systems include our SPARTACOTE Chip™SPARTACOTE Quartz™,  SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE™ and SPARTACOTE Seal™ systems.

Recently, contractors examined a restroom floor coating that was completed at Aces Tavern in Denver, Co. The system used is SPARTACOTE SEAL™ Clear Sealer over a weathered concrete floor. Providing for an industrial type finish to match the surrounding décor, the SPARTACOTE SEAL™ system was installed using two-coats of SPARTACOTE low gloss concrete coating.

The transparent coating application provided a wet concrete look, enhancing the underlying substrate and exposed aggregate. A slight traction additive was included with the system to improve traction over the field of the floor. The floor coating allowed for a seamless chemical resistant finish that has performed well over time despite heavy traffic and chemical exposure.